What to Put in a Nappy Bag

Find out what to pack in a nappy bag with Purebaby, such as nappies, spare clothes, wipes and more. Download our printable nappy bag checklist to use at home.


As a first time parent, it can be challenging to know what you actually need in your nappy bag day to day. 

Leaving the house on the first few outings with your new baby can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a checklist of essential items to pack in your nappy bag, plus a few items you may wish to consider.  To aid you further in packing your nappy bag, watch our video:

Nappy Bag Essentials:

• 2-3x Nappies  

Purebaby tip: pack an additional nappy for each hour you will be out in addition to the 2-3 already in your bag. If you are using reusable nappies, ensure you have enough liners, covers and a wash bag to bring these back home. 

• 1x Pack of Wipes

• 1x Nappy rash cream

• 1x Change Mat

• 2x Burp Cloths or Bunny Rugs

• 2x Muslin Wraps (great for swaddling, as a cover up or as additional shade)

• 1x Change of baby clothes

• 1x Cardigan (for sudden weather changes)

• 1x Hat or Beanie (depending on the weather)

• 2x Bibs

• 2x Toys or Comforters

• 1x Blanket

• 2x Dummies or Pacifiers (if using)

• Breast pads, nipple cream and nipple shields (if breastfeeding)

• Formula, bottles and an insulated bottle holder (if using)

• Mini first aid kit

Items you may wish to consider:

• Reusable and/or waterproof bags (for soiled clothes or nappies)

• Sensitive skin sunscreen, sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat (for warmer weather)

• Hand sanitiser 

• Insect repellent  

• Muslin Face Washers (to mop up spills)

• Sleepwear or pyjamas (for longer outings)

Purebaby tip: remember to restock your nappy bag when you get back home, so it’s ready to go the next time you leave the house!

You may wish to consider having two nappy bags, a small one for quick trips and a larger one for longer outings. Items such as wipes and creams often come in large packaging and can be bulky in a small bag, so look for reusable travel-sized packs for your small nappy bag. 

When Choosing a Nappy Bag:

When selecting a nappy bag, look for one with waterproof lining and multiple compartments to help keep the contents clean and easy to find. A backpack or satchel may suit your lifestyle better than a traditional nappy bag, especially as your little one becomes mobile and you need to chase them around! 

Look for a nappy bag that:

• Fits on or underneath the pram

• Stands upright when placed on a flat surface, so the contents doesn’t fall out

• Is accessible with one hand

• The weight and size doesn’t give you a sore back or shoulders

• If there is an included change mat, ensure that this is detachable for easy use and cleaning

Multiple compartments in a nappy bag are great for keeping your contents separated and easy to find. You may wish to have your spare clothes in one compartment, changing supplies in another and so on. This is especially helpful when you have your hands full and need to access something quickly.

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